"One not only drinks wine,
one smells it, observes it,
tastes it, sips it and
one talks about it"

King Edward VII

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April 2013 Newsletter from Ellender Estate

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Autumn has arrived - it is so beautiful up here - grapes are fermenting, Sarah and Kristian are on their honeymoon and we have some great workshops coming up very soon. We will write another newsletter shortly with news of vintage, photos and other happenings at the Estate but we just wanted to send you out a reminder about the workshops which start in ten days time!

Tuesday, April 30 - "Hands on" Pasta making with Chef, Michael de Jong With the cooler weather a great time to make your own pasta. Learn to make fresh pasta from scratch - the workshop includes the history of pasta, fresh egg pasta doughs, hand rolled pasta, extruded pasta and traditional potato gnocchi. The class concludes with lunch whilst enjoying the pasta you have made with a glass of Ellender Estate wine. Course notes and recipes included with information about KitchenAid equipment for pasta making at home. 10.30am to 3.00pm - Cost $165.00 per person

And then Michael will be cooking up a Mushroom Feast on Thursday, 2nd May whilst Alison Pouliot will introduce you to the diversity and curiosities of the fungi kingdom with a focus on edible species. It includes an interactive and illustrated seminar exploring the natural and cultural history of the major fungal groups. The seminar will be followed by a hands-on identification session where you will learn how to identify fungi and you are encouraged to bring along fungal specimens. 10.30am to 4.00pm - Cost $155.00 per person

Friday, 3rd May - Mastering Mushrooms - Workshop and Cooking Class An introduction to the diversity of fungi by Alison Pouliot, followed by an incredible cooking class and lunch with Chef, Michael de Jong sharing his secrets on the wonders of cooking fungi. The day includes an interactive and illustrated seminar exploring the history of major fungal groups from both Australian and European perspectives. Seminar to be followed by a hands-on identification session and you are encouraged to bring along a fungal specimen. 10.30am to 4.00pm - Cost $195.00 per person

A Sense for Mushrooms on Saturday 4 May encourages you to take a sensory approach to exploring and identifying fungi. You will become familiar with the major characteristics used to identify fungi with a focus on some of the more easily identifiable edible species. Includes a pizza lunch from the wood-fired oven, featuring of course our taleggio and mushroom pizza! 10.30am to 4.00pm - Cost $120.00 per person Book now by email jenny@ellenderwines.com.au or telephone 0353487785 to secure your place.

Our workshops are part of Daylesford Macedon Produce Harvest Week from April 26 to 5 May 2013 visit Daylesford Macedon Produce website for more information on workshops, dinners, regional platters and Food & Wine special deals throughout the region. We look forward to seeing you again soon, Kind regards, Jenny and Graham, Red and Nelle

Ellender Estate 260 Green Gully Road, Glenlyon, Victoria 3461 T: (+61) 3 5348 7785 F: (+61) 3 5348 7784.